Product Overview

On this page you find an overview of all available products in our portfolio, for drying with vacuum. For detailed information and answers to questions about specific products, please contact us.


2x VETK 1300 Ex.jpg 2x VETK 200.jpg 3x VETK 50.jpg

Efficient Drying with Experience.jpg Flush-mounted VETK 150.jpg Flush-mounted VETK 25.jpg

Flush-mounted VETK 50.jpg Flush-mounted VETK 80.jpg VETK 100.jpg

VETK 1100 - 2.4605.jpg VETK 1200.jpg VETK 150.jpg

VETK 1500.jpg VETK 2000 - 2.4602.jpg VETK 250.jpg

VETK 450.jpg VETK 500.jpg VRTK 1000.jpg

VRTK 130.jpg WB 500.jpg


Product details on request: +49 241 - 562478 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.