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Adam Gruszka
Rollefstr. 46
52078 Aachen/ Germany

Phone +49 (0) 241/ 56 24 78
Fax. +49 (0) 241/ 52 54 87
E-Mail: info@ewa-ag.de

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About us

"ELEKTRO – WÄRME – AACHEN" is specialized in development and production of Drying- and Vacuum – Drying – Ovens.

Our factory is located in Aachen, a city which has a good and well-known reputation as technology centre, due to its technical University.

Our units are, among other applications, used to:

  • Dehumidification / drying of powders and granules
  • Recycling of sludges and oils
  • Recovery of precious metal
  • Degassing of oils
  • Absorbing foreign gases
  • Separation of material actions by evaporation and condensation
  • Storage of samples under adjustable vacuum and temperature conditions

We deliver a large range of well-priced standard models for these applications. Furthermore, we produce drying- and Vacuum-Drying-Ovens according to the specifications of our customers.

Mostly, our units are used in the following trades:

  • Chemical production
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Research and development
  • Production of electronic devices
  • Design engineering
  • Environment protection

Our Products are made of (e.g.):

  • Hastelloy
  • Alloy 59
  • Stainless steel, e.g. 1.4404, 1.4571, 1.4529, (304, 316)
  • Other metals, e.g. Aluminium

Finish of the interior:

  • Polished (Ra to customer’s specification)
  • Teflon – coated
  • According to GMP – specification

Drying processes can be significantly accelerated by using Vacuum chambers.

We are due to develop and employ the optimal technology to achieve the best possible benefit of our customers. Unusual tasks always are a challenge for us to shift our knowledge and our capabilities into solutions that fulfil our customer’s needs.

If you have a similar task to solve, please fill in our Online inquiry form.


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